Conenct with us. We then work to help you build a solid base as an independant artist, gain you experience in industry jobs, opportunities for exposure beyond the local market, and training in your chosen disipline.

We're looking for:

- students

- independant artists

- freelancers

- newbies and vets alike.


We work to pair you with more experienced artists on paying gigs, to earn you money, experience, and exposure. You have access to your work for your portfolio, and earn more commission as you gain experience.

We host monthly shows at local venues, display your work online on your behalf, and ultimately increase the visibility of your work beyond the local market.


We use profits from the gigs to fund our independant film and large-scale photography projects, which are intended to appear in international festivals, markets, and venues. We will look first to our established core of dedicated artists and talent to work on the films and projects.

The goal is to keep us all busy doing what we love, paid for doing so, and create incredible collaborative works that benefit not only individual artists, but the entire local art scene, and, ultimately, the world as a whole.